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Offers online services


I explain many lessons and problem solutions with very vivid, visual explanations. I know that it is often difficult to understand a lesson or problem with how a book or teacher defines it. By breaking the lessons and solutions down to a general step by step guide combined with visual examples, that include an easy and a hard one, the student will feel like they can even teach and tutor another person. You do not have to be an expert at the whole subject. My main focus is to help a student become an expert at a concept, a lesson, an equation, a problem, etc. Then once you do that for all of the concepts of a subject, you can feel confident enough to teach the class yourself.

I mentored for a program at UCI to help first year students adjust and transition from a high school mindset to not only a university mindset, but rather a life mindset. Each student has a story, a goal, and certain backgrounds and I try my best to bridge the gap from their own insecurities and fears and the success waiting for them. Each student has their own unique light that every mentor, tutor, teacher, or role model should help the student see for themselves. Once they see just how bright they are, any academic problem will seem like something to cross off on a to-do list.

I like learning and even relearning the subjects to keep my mind sharp. I knew how to study by myself because I would rewrite my notes and restudy material to better cater to me. No two students are alike and everyone needs to reconfigure all of the material the teachers teach. So the best part about tutoring is showing the material in a different perspective, the student's perspective, and seeing that light bulb light up in their heads when they found that understanding. I strive to making students feel like they're on top of the world when they finish tutoring sessions with me.


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Stephanie K.

My son loves his teaching style! We have seen an increase in his performance after only 3 sessions! Highly satisfied with JP!!
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April 27, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

I start by introducing myself and asking them a few questions about them to break the ice.  I'll ask about their hobbies and goals in life so they can feel comfortable.  Then I'll ask how they normally study, what methods normally work for them, and what about the problem is so confusing.  After understanding their thought process, I'd try and walk them back and see where the wall is that they're hitting.  Finally, I'll introduce my solution and configure it to better explain to the student.  The followup would be tips I'd give to them so that  they can overcome that problem again with ease.

I was a mentor for a first year program at the University of California, Irvine.  This helps me empathize and understand a student's background in order to help them with their academic goals.  

I was also an intern for the Red Cross Development Camp and we worked on one on one leadership development skills that would help me apply my own experiences and highlight theirs in order to better help the camp attendee how they can overcome an obstacle.

It started out by helping classmates with homework.  Then I started going to study groups that I would eventually help teach a certain problem or concept they were confused on.  Then with all the involvements, I've learned how to adjust to a team, which in this case is the student and I, so that we can both reach a goal which is to solve any academic problem.

I've worked with all grade levels from elementary all the way to college students.

Have I read through the material?  Have I looked up video help?  What is the specific part of the problem I am stuck or confused on? 

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