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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have experience teaching Japanese for 7 years to various people ranging from kids to adults. I have taught Japanese as a TA in college, college tutor, private tutor, and etc.

I have experience taking Japanese SAT in highschool, and helped students who are learning Japanese for JLPT.

I am very good at customising a lesson for each students and bring their full potencial to learn Japanese with feeling a joy of learning. My degree helped me develope my teaching, and take it to the next level in addtion to my extensive experience.

I have a degree in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism in Japanese.

I love seeing my students progress and how it becomes part of their culture and life, and how they make it into their own life long skill.

I enjoy teaching all skills including speaking, listening, writing, reading, and culture, and seeing many students use their skills outside of class.

Since I have taught many people, I have my own methods to make the learning process more interesting while keeping it productive for each student.

Language connects people to people and helps to open a new world that brings new ways of thinking and experiences that people cannot experience without knowing the language. I love to help learning Japanese for those people who want to experience great Japanese culture and guide them into a new world!

I will be your life long Japanese teacher and help you develop Japanese language skills and build confidence in using Japanese.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I first introduce myself and try to get know who my student is.

After that, I estimate the level of language proficiency by asking few questions and customize the lesson plan for that student.

My standard pricing is $60/hour.

When I came to America from Japan, there was no one who can speak Japanese around me and I started to create a Japanese Cultural Club. I taugh Japanese culture and language in that club and teaching Japanese became one of my passion!

I have worked with kids aged 2 years old, elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, highschoolers, college students, businessmen, musicians, travelers, JLPT test-takers, people with learning disabilities, people of more advanced age, college professors, and etc...

Any types of students are always welcomed by me (^u^)/~

I like to exercise at home recently and am learning Spanish and programming!

1. I really think it is important to hire a teacher who knows what they are talking about and explains the concept in a way that is actually understandable.

- Teachers might be very experienced, but that does not mean they are a great teacher if they cannot make students undertand what they are teaching. If the teacher is great at teaching but teaching incorrect information, that is not a great teacher. So it is important for you to look for teacher who is experienced (has great understanding in their area) and who is great at teaching!

2. Look for a teacher who cares about individual students and who you feel confortable with.

- It is very important for students to feel comfortable with the teacher, and if you are looking for a tutor, you can choose a teacher! You should not feel obligated to learn from the teacher if you think you are not comfortable with them.

3. Find a teacher who can modify their teaching style only for you.

- It is very important to find a teacher who can understand students' needs, meaning the style of the teachers' methods are effective. Therefore it is good to know what kind of learner you are. If you learn by reading instead of watching a video, it would not be effective if your teacher keeps using videos to teach you.

I hope this advice eas helpful~

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