My Humble Tutoring

My Humble Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I offer no pressure, to-the-point explanations, using a white board and maybe some notes. I am patient to explain and help to understand.


559-571-3052 | [email protected]

I think of Einstein's quote: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

I am thoroughly interested in applying this concept when teaching, and consider it a hobby.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Step 1 : Ask "What do you need help on?"

    Step 2 : Ask "What do you know so far?"

    Step 3 : Indicate what type of learner they are.

    Step 4 : Indicate areas for improvement.

    Step 5 : Teach [& possibly, repeat].

    Step 7 : Summarize on & conclude what is learned. Give notes, say thank you!

    I am a G.A.T.E. program graduate studying electrical engineering in Fresno City College. I still have much to learn, but can assist with Math, English, Bio, and a bit of HTML and C++ programming up to college levels. I teach only what I know well.

    I have always taught others, through school and in my social life, and it's said I explain things well. I am here to apply these skills practically.

    I have worked with math students from basic math to Trigonometry, english students up to college level 3, and a touch of basic programming language in C++ and HTML.

    I love music, so a concert I and my entire family attended two years ago by a band named Third Eye Blind is a day I'm very fond of!

    Don't be afraid to ask questions, and don't move on from those answers until you're confident you understand and can apply them. Ask, ask, ask until you're excruciatingly familiar with the method.

    They should discover what type of learner they are, by asking themselves "How do I usually learn best: Lectures? Visuals? Reading & notes? A combination?"

    It also helps to know your strongest and/or weakest subjects in school, and relay that information as well.

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