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Offers online services


Education Enrichment Services provides a personalized tutoring experience by hand selecting each tutor to match the student. This relationship of trust and high expectation increases motivation and inspires a love of learning, while building skills and confidence. At EES, our goal is to help students understand not only what to learn, but most importantly, how to learn.


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Offers online services


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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner


Reading, Essay writing, Creative writing, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Learning English as a 2nd language

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    jeffrey K.

    We will be forever grateful to EES for finding the gaps in our childs learning that prevented her from reaching her potential academically. After a year with EES she is meeting grade level standards and exudes confidence in the classroom. If you are struggling to identify how to help your child academically, we highly recommend EES!
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    January 28, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    We assess each student and consult with families for the best result.  Based on the initial assessment, we create a customized, personalized program for optimal results.
    Our team at EES includes Credentialed Teachers, Registered Behavior Technicians, Paraprofessionals, and Credentialed Administrators. We choose to partner with professional and reputable teachers and educators therefore the screening process is rigorous . We require our tutors have strong academic backgrounds, subject mastery, teaching experience and the ability to connect with students, parents and teachers. We conduct multiple rounds of interviews including reference checks and mock tutoring sessions. Candidates who understand and embrace our intensive, result-oriented philosophy coupled with subject proficiency may be invited to join the EES team. As a team we promise to: Treat each student as a unique individual. Provide a written, personalized tutoring plan to assist in the acquisition of skills and confidence. Learn and utilize each student’s individual learning style and abilities. Provide mentorship and create a conducive learning environment with trust, compassion and support. Maintain the highest level of ethics and teaching standards. Communicate measured results on a regular basis.
    Session rates vary. Please contact EES for your specific needs. Session rates include basic preparation, telephone/email communication with parents and teachers and regular progress updates.
    Since 2001 Education Enrichment Services (EES) has been providing students of all ages with supplemental classes and individual tutoring to achieve mastery in the desired content areas. We inspire a desire to learn through marked moments of achievement, followed by the lasting effect of success. EES assesses students to determine individual performance levels and learning styles, enabling us to teach directly to the specific needs and educational goals. EES draws from a team of credentialed teachers, educators and specialists in the fields of speech therapy, audiology, and psychology. This brings a holistic approach to creating, implementing and documenting programs that generate both academic results and a more confident and capable student.
    Families, teachers, specialists and schools throughout the Sacramento area choose to partner with EES because of our proven track record; our professional educators are dedicated to your child’s long-term goals. At EES, we cultivate relationships with families, and are committed to the student and their specific needs. We instill in your child the confidence to succeed in school and in life. EES has extensive experience and documented results in assisting students with a broad range of learning abilities, including behavioral and learning challenges such as; Autism and Asperger’s syndrome Sensory Integration Disorders Sensory-cognitive processes Memory deficits ADD/ADHD Dyslexia Visual Processing We assess all students to identify strengths and weaknesses, which shapes the plan of action to meet the specified academic objectives. Based on the assessment results, EES creates a personalized holistic learning plan. This customized approach provides the desired result through a qualified, well-matched educator, using research-validated, process-based curriculum.
    Parent testimonials: “My son was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was six-years-old by a clinical psychologist. We were referred to Carri Dunning at EES. Carri’s confidence assured me that she knew exactly how to proceed in order to assist my son with his learning challenges. Carri and her team were efficient and effective in developing a plan specific to my child’s needs. I was impressed with EES ability to motivate him and provide the tools necessary to succeed academically. When my son changed schools in second grade, his teachers said he displayed no obvious signs of dyslexia. He is now in fourth grade and truly enjoys school and has become a leader in the classroom.” “I am so happy to talk about Educational Enrichment Services. Carri and her team have made such a Monumental difference in my son, Garrett’s, life. Despite having had a tutor since first grade and being in a small group setting for school, Garrett has steadily struggled. By 5th grade, Garrett had fallen a full level below his peers and referred to school as being “sent to jail”. After 8 months Garrett is feeling much more successful. What used to be a four hour ordeal every night to complete homework has been literally “cut in half”. More importantly, Garrett is able to think of ideas he wants to convey in his writing and then write in an organized format. His attitude in class and about homework has changed 180 degrees. His ability to participate in class and his production in class has gone up so much there are nights he does not have homework. Garrett’s behavioral and cognitive changes have resulted in a significant success rate quickly, but far more importantly, for the rest of his academic career! l was really dreading middle school but with Carri’s help both Garrett and I anticipate a positive outcome. I really feel EES program is the difference between losing Garrett in a mire of depression, distress and failure or being able to cheer him onto happiness, confidence, and future success.”
    We know that every student is unique, which is why we view each student as an individual and develop a personalized curriculum that not only enhances academic performance, but helps build confidence and create independent learners. We base our successes on our students achieving their long-term educational goals, and our tutors are committed as mentors and educators to make sure each student stays on track. If you have questions about the process, contact us at anytime.
    Students and families choose EES because of our high quality staff, professional tutors, their dedication and passion for learning and the quality of our results. We consistently help students improve their performance and develop the skills for long-term academic success. In your search, consider they traits you value in a mentor and seek to find them in the tutor you choose.

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