Computer Science Tutoring

Computer Science Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have 4 jam packed years experience working with Java, and I code a lot in my free time. I am good at pointing out errors and can explain how to fix them.

I have taken AP Computer Science and finished with an A+ and got a 5 on the AP test. I have also completed various college classes and am pursuing a major in Computer Science

To see some of my coding projects visit @code_explore on Instagram


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I will first ask them what they know, then what they are confused on. I will never tell the answer straight up, because that doesn't teach them anything. Building upon what they know and using real world examples is a great way to help students retain what they learn. After the problem is solved, I will give a brief summary of what we just did.

I make the lesson as fun and engaging as possible, and get to know the student.

I am majoring in computer science at my college, and enjoy coding. I have made several games using just Java, always challenging myself to learn something new each time. I code a lot, and with that, I have gained a lot of experience to recognize errors or when something can be written more efficiently.

I normally do $25 an hour, but also let me know if you would like to make an offer

I can teach Java from introductory level to advanced, and I know other languages such as Python, HTML/CSS, and C++

I have taught at after school programs at my church, and found it fun, so why not combine my love for computer science and teaching?

I have also worked at Code Ninjas, which we teach students to code video games

I have experience teaching first grade through high school freshman. I find all levels fun; younger kids are a blast, and more advanced students help refine my skills.

Coding jams!

Look for someone who is passionate about what they are teaching!

Have you googled it?

If you still don't understand, it is good to get someone to talk you through it

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