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Expert Tutor

Offers online services
Offers online services


These are the services I have provided for my students. One on one tutoring with students using individually tailored lesson plans of my own creation using any and all knowledge from my own life experience and academic career. I also advised students in pursuit of desired careers. I offered advice in any area a student asked about. On a regular basis I would bring in outside learning material separate from whatever school they were attending to encourage further exploration in any subject a student expressed interest in. I also used this as an opportunity to hopefully inspire students to find at least one interesting thing to explore even in subjects they hated. I also provided counsel to students when and if they were too upset and stressed to work in an effort to facilitate trust and a desire to work through problems. For some students I became a sort of role model and mentor. I typically worked with middle school and high school students.

I love helping students. It makes me happy when they finally are excited about learning and when they realize they actually are smart and capable.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Determine what subjects they need help in and have them show me their homework. Then I typically adapt to the way they learn and see what I can do. It is different for every student. 

I have worked as a tutor for more than thirteen years. I have taught conversational english. I have done after school care programs. I have a BA in Literature from the university of California Santa Barbara.

If the student wants multiple sessions per week then the price is on the lower end. If the sessions are online it is on the lower end.  Gas prices are at an all time high so if driving is involved the price is higher. 

for some subjects the price is higher

A lot of amazing, creative, kooky, enthusiastic, talented, helpful teachers shaped who I am as a person. I was lucky to have that. I always loved helping people learn. 

Pick people who do this job because they love it. If they love their job then they are fun to work with and you will listen to them and want to try harder.

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College Admissions
Reading And Writing Tutoring