Beat Chemistry With Hazel!

Beat Chemistry With Hazel!

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Offers online services
Offers online services


-Tutored for UCLA chemistry

-Tutored exam prep for Singapore-Cambridge A-levels and top secondary schools

-Many years of experience, many satisfied students who have gained a much better grasp on and appreciation for science subjects, in particular chemistry

-Many students tell me that I always ask them the right questions and prompt them to really think about what they know, how they think etc., and that I am able to pass on my efficient approach to solving problems to them too, as they start asking themselves the same questions I use to lead them to get to solutions

It is extremely fulfilling! Learning is fun and gives a deep satisfaction when things finally click in your mind and you know exactly how to solve a problem. That is my goal for tutoring -- to get you to that point so that you can feel it too and enjoy the learning experience.


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Offers online services

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    Marlo D.

    Hazel is top-notch. She is the best. She is super intelligent and she knows how to explain things in a way makes it easy for someone more simple minded like me to understand. I highly recommend Hazel.
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    September 06, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    1. Go through syllabus & course schedule -- plan and pace tutoring (sessions to prepare for exams, determine topics to focus on and to skim)

    2. Identify past topics that need a brush-up -- whether they were poorly understood or simply forgotten, this is crucial as a strong foundation is key for building on

    3. Learning current topics -- summarizing and organizing all material so we cover all our bases and it's easier to review material, then discuss the key underlying concepts that tie them together, identifying trends, patterns, logical framework. Cover a few flexible practice questions testing multiple concepts together to ensure thorough understanding and ability to apply concepts

    4. Studying in advance once we are done catching up. This will give us an edge and decrease the amount of time needed for studying as learning becomes much more efficient (you actually KNOW what's going on in class as you learn)

    - B.S. Biochemistry from UCLA (2018-2021)

    - Currently work at Salk Institute of Biological Sciences (2021-current)

    - Research experience in organic chemistry synthesis, metabolomics & proteomics

    -Singapore-Cambridge A Levels H2 Chemistry & H3 Pharm Chem (2017)

    - 1560 (out of 1600) in General SAT, 800 in SAT Chemistry & Biology (2016)

    - HSK Level 6 in Chinese written & spoken proficiency (highest certification available in 2015). Native billingual speaker in English & Mandarin Chinese

    - STEM/exam prep: $35/hr, pricing negotiable

    - Mandarin Chinese: $25/hr

    Tutoring since 10 years ago, first as a community volunteer for elementary and middle schoolers. I currently tutor exam prep and sciences for high school and college students.

    Both students from underprivileged backgrounds as well as from competitive top schools. Students who had poor foundations as well as students who understand their material but needed a nudge in the right direction to master concepts and ace tests. 

    My year-long student calling me to tell me he got an A in the Singapore-Cambridge A-levels for H2 Chemistry (results come out 4 months after the exam). The H2 chemistry subject is extremely rigorous and equivalent to second-year chemistry in college. He is now studying economics, but I am so proud that together we were able to ace chemistry even if he wasn't initially confident or even interested in the subject at all. The year had really paid off and fruitful learning had taken place.

    Many of my students have told me that they want to do well to make me proud. For me, tutoring is a team effort and students should be motivated and inspired by their tutors, and have fun learning together. This will build up to genuine interest and passion in the subject and long-lasting drive to perform.

    Asking the right questions is a learning process. This is something I'm very good at cultivating in my students -- to ask the right questions to be able to guide themselves in problem-solving and in exams. There are many things to note, concepts to keep in mind, question intentions to understand, and a thought process that varies but is inevitably present for every problem. First I will guide you in identifying these factors by questioning you on them, prompting you to go in the right direction. And eventually you would be able to tell me what that direction is, ask those key questions yourself, figure out what you should do next, and know the way to solve a problem. 

    Before asking questions you should have read up on the material and prepared. This will maximize the impact of each question and productivity of our tutoring.

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