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Card Spanish Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


As a non native speaker, I have been able to develop many techniques and strategies to learn Spanish. I have been learning about Spanish for more than 10 years purely out of my own passion and love for the language and the cultures surrounding it; but learning isn't always easy, especially when I don't live in a Spanish speaking household. So I would say that my tutoring style stands out because I can sympathize with students who are struggling in Spanish and know methods that can help them see the content from a different perspective.

If you are interested, here is a link to my facebook profile. Hopefully it can give you a better feel for who I am

I enjoy a lot about working with students; but I would have to say that the most joy I get from teaching, coaching, and tutoring is the eureka moment. That moment when we have been working so hard and finally, it clicks and the student understands the concept and I know that they have found success and they feel good about the effort they have put in.


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Offers online services

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When I first meet a student, my main goal is to get to know them and where they are at in Spanish. Not only do I want to create a baseline to understand where we are starting; but it is also part of my teaching ethos that the student relaxes and is comfortable so that way they can focus on the subject matter and aren't afraid to ask questions.

*10+ years of Spanish Education

*Daily Spanish use working in an auto garage for 1 year

*Minor in Spanish language studies

*Study abroad period in Spain 

-lived with Spanish only family

-placed into highest tier of Spanish classes (native speaker level only)

*Semester paper on Afrolatinos in Argentina and Mexico

I began with tutoring college level Spanish while in university as well as teaching chess to students from the ages of 3-13. From there, I was able to coach water polo and track and field at Burbank high school where I continue to coach track and field.

I have taught Chess to students from the ages of 3 to 13 as well as Spanish to college level students.

Look for someone you can get comfortable with. Having a teacher that you can work with and not be afraid that they will shut you down for your inexperience has always been key to my education.

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