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Tutoring is a very personal action that happens between the student and the tutor. A tutor should feel very comfortable with the student and the material at hand. From the student perspective, students should feel very humbled by the tutor and should feel comfortable asking many questions to complete their understanding of the material. Many students, I believe, become "nervous" in class to ask questions. Therefore, as a tutor, I should be able to make them feel accepted in asking questions. I don't mind helping students, that's what I love to do. From a tutor perspective, I should enjoy the material and talking about it. If I enjoy the material, I can find easier ways to make it understandable to the student. Many students don't find the material interesting, so as a tutor it should be my job to make it enticing to the student as well as comprehensive.

Teaching, mentoring, and tutoring has and continues to be something that I gravitate towards. I am influenced by teachers and how they interact with the students. Ever since I was young, being around the schooling environment as a student, I've always been transfixed by the learning process. My mother always tells me that, "Since I was 4...I always told her I wanted to be a teacher." I can remember these conversations because they still ring true today. I would definitely be an asset to the program because I am willing to help students, I'm willing to spend time with them. Tutoring is a learning process as well as a mentorship between tutor and student. As a passionate person in the education field, I am willing to work.


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    Emily B.

    Javante founded, organized, and lead the Spanish Tutoring Club when he was a student at Apollo High School. The number of students he helped is numerous. He had a fun attitude and an easy to understand approach as he explained the grammar to the younger classmen. He has great study techniques and ideas to help the students learn the material in front of them. Javante s a great tutor and would be an asset to anyone struggling academically.
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    April 19, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a new student, I like to asses your capabilites. I will quiz and allow my student(s) to present their knowledge to me and even address the things that they find troubling or hard to comprehend before actually diving into the tutoring session. I also would like to get to know my students: likes, dislikes, interest, and even their personal feelings towards the course that we will be working on.

    I origninally started working as a Spanish Tutor at Apollo High School peer tutoring one on one and helping tutor low performing students after-school hours. Eventually, moved over to Glendale Community College where I currently am a tutor specializing in Computer Information Systems and Business Personal Computers. I have tutored for many of my teenage years, around 6-7 years give or take.

    Standard Pricing per hour for an Individual is $30.

    Standard Pricing per hour for a Group is $25 per student/hour.

    I have worked with a range of students. I worked with middle, high, and college students ranging from ages as young as 13 to as old as 70.

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