Top Tutor For Sciences And Essay Writing

Top Tutor For Sciences And Essay Writing

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I can help you reach your full potential in essay writing and the sciences. I can help you understand what your teachers and professors are lecturing on. Working with your learning style, I will work through assignments with you and help you reach full understanding of the subject.

I have a Masters of Education and a Bachelor's of Biology and Biotechnology. I have 5+ years as a science teacher for AP, high school and middle school sciences, along with 10+ years of university sciences, essay and English tutoring.

I can help you understand the content you are struggling with and help you get the grade you deserve.

My favorite part about teaching/tutoring is getting to hear someone say they finally understand content that they always thought was too hard for them to understand.


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Offers online services


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Eunice S.

The tutoring provided by Lydia was beyond excellent. My professor requested strict adherence to APA formatting and referencing for all papers. I was completing a 2 page essay, and she was able to provide me with guidance on writing in APA format. She helped me understand the best way to use APA going forward, as well as providing me with good resources to deepen my understanding of how APA works. She provided feedback on how to better formulate my paragraphs, along with catching small grammatical errors I had missed. I fully recommend her, and will be using her assistance again.
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September 02, 2020

Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student, I always start off with getting to know the student as a person. I focus on understanding the student's learning style and what they are looking for in a tutor. My goal is to match a student's learning style, so that we can create a partnership that helps the student flourish and learn the content quickly.

I have a Master's of Education along with a Bachelor's of Biology and Biotechnology. I currently work as a teacher, with 5+ years teaching expience teaching middle school earth and space sciences, high school biology, anatomy and physiology, forensics. I also have 10+ years tutoring universty level for writing, English and biology classes.

I charge $30 an hour for middle and high school students/courses. I charge $45 for university level classes.

I got started teaching after 5 years as a unversity tutor, during which time I discovered I really enjoyed teaching and helping students learn.

I have experience with all levels and types of students, including English learners and students who have reading or math disabilities.

My current favorite event was introducing my newborn daughter to our 2 year old son.

Always look for someone who asks what you, as the student, is needing. Always make sure the tutor is able to explain the content/assignments in simple, easy to understand language.

Some questions you need to consider before hiring a tutor 

- What are you needing?

- How do you learn best?

- Do you understand pictures or lectures or videos best?

- Do you have the assignments/content organized by unit so you can easily find the section you are currently on?

- How d you note information/content that you are struggling with?

- Can you learn online or do you work better with in person teaching?

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